The Village Voice Is Good At Describing Our Events

I Like Your Glasses: Literary Speed Dating
Housing Works Bookstore
Tonight, 7pm, $10
“Your skepticism is justified. People with the rock-solid attention spans and copious alone time required to really bunker down to some hardcore reading tend to be the very same who run for the stacks when faced with the comparative brevity and binge socializing of speed dates. But no more. Because here, sustaining a thimble-sized bloodbath of paper cuts after flipping through Infinite Jest's 388 extra-textual footnotes and vacationing at Walden Pond for two consecutive spring breaks doesn't make you weird or reclusive, no, but rather the stud. Dan Wilbur, author of How Not to Read teams up with seasoned hostess Jo Firestone to present this get together by CoverSpy. Daters are encouraged to bring a favorite book—there's no better wingman.”

"For the Love of Lit: Our Five Best Book Events This Week," The Village Voice

P.S. Tonight’s event is sold out, but add your name to the wait list to be the first to hear about the next one.

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